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First, of course, it’s about place. It could be the place you live, or a few minutes away, or within a common or personal border.


But, moreover, it’s about how you feel about that place. Is it comfortable ? Are my friends nearby?  Does it contain pleasant memories? Are there like-minded people there? Can I run errands efficiently and effectively?


Yes, the word “local” is used frequently these days.  And at Bamawise, we believe it’s here to stay.  It is widely accepted that purchasing local food insures quality, but people are also keenly aware that buying local strengthens the local economy.


Bamawise is a business built on the concept of local is better. Bamawise searches for small food companies, mostly family-owned, for both produce and finished products. We help them get ready to enter larger markets and become more accessible to consumers. Then, we purchase their products to sell and distribute in the places where they are most likely to sell.


Some of the products we represent already have some degree of foothold in certain retail environments. Others only have a family recipe. No matter what stage of development, Bamawise has the resources, experience and capability to meet that producer wherever they are in the process. And when ready, we have the relationships to get local products in front of decision makers in retail stores.


Bamawise believes that locally produced food can compete with food from anywhere, and win.

When you buy local you are supporting your neighbors and employing those around you. Buying local feeds your resources baWhen you buy local you are supporting your neighbors and employing those around you. Buying local feeds your resources back into YOUR economic structure.ck into YOUR economic structure.

Alabama has some of the richest soil and growing opportunities. As such, the food we product is fresh and flavorful. There are numerous health benefits to eating food sourced form your region. You'll not only feel better about what you put in your body but you get the added benefit of knowing that your Bamawise purchase reinvests itself in your community.

Bamawise is a distributor for the little guy, the vendors who often get overlooked by large corporate stuctures. When you buy a Bamawise product you are participating in your community. You're putting local farmers and producers on the shelves and helping generate jobs and employing your neighbor.